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The Haunting

            Jer was seeing what he, or anyone else, had never imagined they’ll ever see. Anna and Vicki were standing right in front of him.

 “Anna?” He asked, “Vicki?”

“Hello, Jeremy.” Anna wished with a haunting smile.

“I thought-thought you were…” Jeremy’s mouth went dry.

“Dead?” Vicki interrupted him, with a strange glow on her face.


Their cold voices sent chills down his spine. Sight of two dead undead standing in front of him shook his every single bone.

            “De-Dead!” His lips were trembling. After the whole crazy ride, this wasn’t the happy ending he had expected. May be him and others never expected a happy ending at all.

            “We are dead, Jeremy.” Anna replied. Moving closer to Jeremy, sliding her palm on his face and color on Jeremy’s face went white.

            “But, not dead after all,” Vicki added, grabbing the young Gilbert from behind.

“What does that even mean?” Jeremy pushed both figures away still scared.

“She loves you?” Vicki raised her voice.

“Who?” Jeremy asked and he gulped.

“Your little bitc… witch.” Anna replied, with a bitchy smile.

“B-Bonnie?” Jeremy asked, sweat running down his forehead.

            “She loves you, right?” Vicki asked again, a slight anger on her face now transforming in a smile.

“What are you?” Jeremy was still shocked, trying to figure out what was happening.

            “I loved you too, Jer.” Anna said, bringing her face closer to his, “and you loved me.”

“You loved me too, Jeremy,” Vicki came closer too. “And you loved me back, enough that you were ready to die and change.”

Jeremy’s previous loves were staring and smiling right into his face, scaring the hell out of him.

“But, we were never given a second chance.”  Anna asked pushing her lips on Jeremy’s. But before she could lock them, he pushed her away. “You came back, because she loved you. I loved you too. But, I never came back.”

“WHY JEREMY?” Vicki took a fork from the kitchen counter and drove it through Jeremy’s heart.

‘tick-tick-tick-tick,’ Went the annoying noise of the alarm clock, waking Jeremy up. “What the…?” he opened his eyes, they were paining, he didn’t even rub them, and he was still analyzing the difference between reality and the nightmare. Vicki driving a silver fork through his heart was a terrible scene, even more terrible than watching her die when Stefan staked her. He rubbed his chest, but it was all fine.

“Morning, Jer.” Elena was pouring orange juice in the glass. Kitchen was bright, unlike his nightmare. “Have your breakfast.”

“So, how’s Damon?” Jer asked grabbing his glass.

            “He’s okay.” Elena replied. But, she didn’t look very good.

“You don’t look very happy,” Jer looked at her face and read it, “is everything okay?”

            “No, I’m fine,” She replied, pulling out toast from the toaster and serving them to Jeremy, “It’s just… Stefan…”

“Morning.” Alaric entered the kitchen. Still sleepy, rubbing his eyes.

            “Get fresh, Rick,” Elena gave a short smile, “I’ll get you breakfast.”

“Okay,” Rick replied, “Sure. By the way, is Damon okay?”

            “He’s fine,” Elena replied, “Stefan got the cure, and Katherine delivered it.”

“You don’t look happy about it.” Rick asked, Jeremy was surprised since he asked the same question moments ago.

            “Stefan.” Elena replied, light falling on her face which was a little frowned, “He-He…”

            “Stefan?” Jeremy stood up, “Stefan what?”

“He traded himself,” Elena replied, a tear rushed down her glimmering eyes. “He made a deal with the devil. For the cure, he traded himself.”

            “Is he dead?” Rick asked

“No,” Elena replied, now she was crying like a little girl, “He joined Klaus in exchange for the cure.”

            “This is not good, then.” Jeremy whispered to others. “Not one bit.”

“What?” Rick asked

            “When we were at Salvatores’.” Jeremy replied, “I read Stefan’s old Journals, Journals of 1800s.”

“So?” Rick asked.

            “The dick Damon was now,” Jeremy replied looking back in Rick’s eyes, “Stefan was thousand times the blood drunk beast.”

“I know,” Elena replied, “Stefan told me.”

            “He is a vampire,” Rick replied.

“But, with blood.” Jeremy replied back, “He becomes a beast that you don’t wanna mess with. He erased villages for his thirst.”

            “He’s in control now,” Elena whispered to other two, “He had been drinking my blood to get control over his thirst.”

            “But, with Klaus,” Jeremy replied, “the question is… how long, Elena?”

All three looked at each other exchanging looks of grief and terror. Jenna died, John sacrificed himself, Damon kissed the death and returned, after all these deaths and tragedies, they still weren’t able to breath peacefully in the air of their beloved town, Mystic Falls.

“I’ll call Damon,” Rick said after getting ready.

            “He’s with Bonnie,” Elena replied, “Bonnie and Caroline are at Salvatore mansion. Bonnie is trying to track Stefan with some kind of a spell.”

            “Good,” Rick replied, “Let’s go to the Salvatore mansion then.”

“No,” Elena replied, “We can’t do that.”

            “Why not?”

“Bonnie told me the spell is so strong, that it would be harmful to humans, some supersonic-stuff.”

            “So, what do we do now?” Jeremy asked.

“We can… go to the school.” Elena replied, “Try to be normal as much as possible.”

            “Seriously?” Jeremy and Alaric spoke at the same time. They felt weird with this action, looked at each other and then looked away.

            “So be it.” Rick replied.

Meanwhile, at the Salvatore mansion, Bonnie and Caroline were arranging everything required to cast the ritual.

            “So, how does this work?” Damon asked, sipping blood from the glass. He was back in form, looking like the vampire he always looked like.

“Remember when Trevor and Rose kidnapped Elena, I tracked Elena with Jeremy’s blood?”

            “Yeah,” Damon replied, nodding and doing his eye thing. “But, does that works on Vampires too?”

            “No,” Bonnie replied, “So, I have to take another way. Emily’s spell book has this spell called, ‘Blood Brother’s love.’” She grabbed the Spell book from the table and showed it to Damon, “And I quote it, ‘Brother’s love, and eternal bond, bonded with the same blood, a sacred connection, through the life time, and beyond death.’ I will merge the tracking spell with this spell.”

            “Do you think this will work?” Damon asked.

“Damon!” Bonnie gave a convincing look, “You still doubt my skills?”

            “Yee-up.” Damon replied with a wicked smile.

“You’re an asshole.” Bonnie replied making faces.

            “An Honorable ass, Lady Bennett.” He laughed and so did Bonnie.

Caroline brought Stefan’s jacket from his room, and Damon brought some whisky from his collection.

“Are we ready?” Caroline asked Bonnie, looking tense.

            “Yes.” Bonnie replied with a little smile.

“What’s with the frowned up face, Blon…Caroline?”  Damon asked

            “Stefan.” Caroline replied, “I’m worried about him.”

“Somebody call the press,” Damon announced, “Elena has competition in town.”  

Bonnie laughed and took Stefan’s jacket and started uttering her spells. The Jacket levitated in air, and as asked, Damon took a dagger and started slitting his wrist; the blood didn’t fall down but levitated and went towards the jacket instead. Damon took the bottle of Alcohol and poured on his bare wrist. The pain was excruciating.

“Do you, Damon Salvatore, accept the pain to spawn connection with your blood brother?” Bonnie asked still keeping the blood and jacket in the air.

            “Yes,” Damon replied.

“Say the whole thing, Damon.” Bonnie yelled, “this magic is quite demanding. Explain everything.”

            “Yes, I Damon Salvatore,” Damon spoke, his open wrist was still paining, “Accept this pain caused by verbane and alcohol on my wrist that I slit, in exchange to find my vampire blood brother Stefan Salvatore.”


Damon’s blood drops started burning and became little fireballs levitating around the jacket.  Soon, little fireballs and Stefan’s jacket collided and a huge fireball in no time consumed the jacket. Damon didn’t feel pain anymore, even though he was still pouring alcohol on his wrist. Fireball disappeared and Bonnie’s eyes got shut closed.

            “New York.” Bonnie uttered, “Stefan is in New York. I can feel the energy of the city and I can taste blood on Stefan’s tongue.

“Blood?” Damon stared and Caroline’s mouth went dry.

“Not just human’s blood.” Bonnie looked terrified, “Werewolves’ too.”

            “Werewolf blood?” Damon stared more intensely.

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